Portrait of a diversity Mixed Age and Multi-generation Family embracing and standing together. Isolated on white background.


Our Vision

We believe most people are inherently good and want to help others. We envision a world where everyone can #maketheworldbetter by helping each other when needed.

In this connected world with smartphones and phone cameras, facial recognition technology allows CheckOnMe to transform communities by giving everyone the power to help each other.


Our Story

One of our founders had a grandfather with alzheimer's disease who would frequently leave the house and wander the streets by himself for hours until he was found.

One of our founders couldn't find her child at a community fair and was lucky that the six year old had remembered her mobile number.

One of our founders has a child with peanut allergies and worries that one day the child may fall unconscious without anyone knowing what's wrong or how to help.

These are the stories that inspired us to create CheckOnMe.

Protect your loved ones and help others by downloading the app and using it today.  Help us #maketheworldbetter.

Get the Mobile App

Registering your loved ones is easy. Download the app today and sign-up for an account. Upload photos of your loved ones and connect their images to your mobile number so you can be contacted easily.

Helping others is as simple as downloading the CheckOnMe app and having it ready for use.  You don't need to sign-up or register an account to help others.Tell your family, friends and neighbours to download the app today. The more people who use the app, the more effective it is.